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Hey there! Getting ready for your high school senior portrait session? It’s such an exciting milestone, and your photographer wants make sure you have all the info you need to rock it. Asking your photographer right questions beforehand can make a world of difference, so let’s dive into the must-ask questions for your big photo day!

A high school senior is leaning against a stone wall in the springtime.

What Should I Wear?

First things first, let’s talk outfits! Your clothes can totally set the vibe for your photos. Ask your photographer for some style tips—we love helping you choose the perfect look. Bring a few different outfits, from casual to formal, and don’t forget about any school colors, uniforms, or props you want to include.

Where Will the Session Take Place?

Location, location, location! Where you shoot your session makes all the difference. Whether it’s a scenic park, a cool urban spot, or a place that’s special to you, you should chat about the perfect backdrop. If you’re not sure, most photographers have plenty of favorite spots to explore.

What Time of Day is Best for the Session?

Lighting is everything in photography. Ask your photographer about the best time of day to catch that magical glow. Hint: early morning or late afternoon (hello, golden hour!) usually gives us the best light for stunning photos.

How Long Will the Session Last?

Your photographer will plan your day around your photo fun! Typically, most senior sessions last about one to two hours, depending on outfit and location changes. You’ll want to make sure to have plenty of time to get all the shots you want without feeling rushed.

What Should I Bring?

Props, anyone? Think about what personal items you want to include—sports gear, musical instruments, or anything that shows off your hobbies and interests. And don’t forget makeup, hair products, and accessories for touch-ups. Probably the most important thing to bring is water! It’s exhausting looking so good! Be sure and ask if you need any suggestions!

Can I Bring a Friend or Family Member?

Feeling a bit nervous? Bring a buddy! Having a friend or family member there can help you feel more relaxed and confident. Just check with your photographer first to make sure it’s cool and to see if there are any limits on how many people can tag along. Is your best friend furry? Those are the best photos! But not all places are dog-friendly, so be sure and bring that up.

How Will My Photos Be Edited?

Editing styles vary, so be sure chat about what you like. Most photographers will walk you through their process and make sure you know what to expect in terms of retouching and enhancements. We want your photos to look just how you imagined them!

When and How Will I Receive My Photos?

Timing is everything, right? Ask your photographer about the turnaround time for your proofs and final images. They’ll also let you know how you’ll get your photos—whether it’s through digital downloads, prints, or both.

What Are the Costs Involved?

Nobody likes surprises (unless they’re fun ones!). You’ll go over the pricing details so you know exactly what to expect. The photographer cover the cost of the session, any additional fees for prints or digital images, and what’s included in your package.

A high school senior is sitting on a concrete step in front of a pond with the sun behind her.

Do You Have Any Tips for Preparing for the Session?

Last but not least, prep tips! We’ve got all the advice you need for getting ready—rest up, stay hydrated, and practice your favorite poses. Don’t hesitate to ask for some makeup and hair tips to make sure you look and feel your best.

Asking your photographer right questions before your high school senior portrait session will help everything go smoothly and make sure your best self is captured. Remember, your photographer is here to guide you every step of the way. Let’s make this session fun, relaxed, and all about you! If you are interested in talking more about your senior portrait session, click this link below to get in touch!

Asking your Photographer the Right Questions

July 17, 2024

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