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Looking for headshots?

Hey there! Before we dive into capturing some incredible high school senior and family portraits, let's go over some important details. Here are the nitty-gritty terms and conditions:

Booking and Payment:
To lock in your session, we kindly request a non-refundable session fee at the time of booking. This session fee guarantees your date and time.  Unfortunately, we can not hold any dates without the session fee being paid. We accept cash, check, major credit cards, or even do an electronic transfer, whatever floats your boat!

Rescheduling and Cancellation:
Life happens, we get it! If you need to reschedule, just give us a heads-up at least 48 hours in advance. If there's unexpected weather or any other unforeseen circumstances, we'll work together to find an alternative date or location. Sadly, if you cancel within 48 hours of the session, the session fee becomes non-refundable. Sorry, no party poopers here!

Session Duration and Coverage:
Our agreed-upon session duration covers everything from setup time to capturing all those beautiful moments we talked about in our consultation. We'll do our best to capture a wide range of poses, and expressions, but hey, let's leave some room for spontaneous fun too!

Image Delivery and Editing:
After the session, we'll meet and determine which images you absolutely can't live without and how you want those displayed in your home -- we know it will be hard to choose! After your selection, we'll carefully edit those images for that "wow" factor. And finally, we put those photos into production to create the wall art of your dreams! Trust us, they'll be amazing! Sorry, but we don't provide raw or unedited images. It's like revealing our secret sauce—best kept for our eyes only!

Usage and Copyright:
We retain the copyright and ownership of all the images we capture. They're our creative babies! You'll have personal usage rights to print, share, and display any digital images you may have purchased for non-commercial purposes. Show off your beautiful selves!
Any commercial use or alteration of the images requires our written consent. Let's keep it legit, folks!

Model Release and Privacy:
We'd love to showcase your incredible photos, so we may use your images for promotional purposes like our website, portfolio, and social media. You'll be our shining stars!
But hey, we respect your privacy! If you'd prefer to keep your images under wraps, just let us know before or during the session.

We'll take all the necessary precautions to ensure a safe and secure session for everyone involved. However, we can't be held responsible for any accidents, injuries, or damages that may occur during the session or as a result of your actions. Safety first, always!

Agreement and Modification:
By booking a session with us, you're confirming that you've read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions. You rock! We may update or modify these terms and conditions, but don't worry, we'll keep you in the loop with any changes.

Phew! Thanks for taking the time to read through these details. If you're ready to embark on this photography adventure with us, let's go ahead and capture some unforgettable memories!

Terms & Conditions

Hey there! We want to make sure you're in the loop about a few important things when it comes to our awesome photography studio. So, here's the lowdown:

Professional Photography Services:
Our photography studio is all about providing you with top-notch professional services. 
Keep in mind that photography is an art, and everyone's taste is different. So, while we aim to blow your mind with our work, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Image Variations:
We work our magic to create the perfect images, but there may be some slight variations from what you've seen as samples or references. Lighting, surroundings, camera settings, and editing techniques can all play a role in how the final images turn out. We'll make sure they're fabulous, though!

Image Editing and Retouching:
Our editing and retouching skills are on point. We want your images to shine, so we'll work our magic to enhance their quality. But hey, the extent and style of editing may vary depending on our artistic judgment and the specific requirements of your project.

Image Delivery:
We're all about being prompt and keeping our promises. We'll deliver those final edited images within the agreed-upon timeframe, no doubt about it. However, every now and then, unexpected technical glitches or unavoidable delays might throw a wrench in the works. If that happens, we'll keep you in the loop and sort things out ASAP.

Image Usage and Copyright:
We take pride in our work, so we retain the copyright and ownership of the images we create. It's like our artistic fingerprint on them.

Model Release:
If there are models or other subjects involved in the shoot who aren't you, we assume you've got the necessary permissions covered. We're all about ethical practices!

We're all about safety first! We'll do our best to ensure a safe and comfy environment during the shoot. However, we can't be held responsible for any personal injuries, accidents, or damages that might occur during the session. Let's keep things fun and incident-free!

External Vendors and Services:
Sometimes, we collaborate with outside vendors or recommend other services to enhance your experience. We want you to have the best of the best! Just remember, we're not responsible for the products, services, or actions of these external folks. We'll only recommend the ones we trust.

By working with us, you're showing that you've read, understood, and agreed to these disclaimers. Is anything a little muddy?  Let us know and we'll clear things up! We're thrilled to have your trust and can't wait to create some fun memories at our photography studio! Let's make magic happen!


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