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Enjoyable and stress-free graduating senior and family portrait photography by Kim Ayars in Geneva, Illinois and surrounding areas.

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In a world filled with endless digital screens and never-ending scrolling, let's break free and bring some meaning to your walls. Imagine walking into a room bursting with personality and memories, where your favorite photos dance on the walls. It's like a time capsule of laughter, love, and memories, ready to transport you to those magical moments. Let your home become a gallery of joy, and a playground of nostalgia. Let's create a space that tells your story in the best way possible!

...and then only t0 live on your laptop and phone until the end of time

Photography isn't just about smiling for the camera until your cheeks hurt.

I'm a mom of two daughters who recently left the nest, and one thing I wish I had more of were photos of us growing up as a family. I miss their quirky personalities and hearing their voices. But having their photos on our walls takes me back and make my heart happy.

So being a photographer means more to me than just pressing a button. It means capturing those moments that make you think, "Ah, that's them!"  It means helping you pick the perfect wall portraits as a daily reminder of how much they mean to you. And when your nest is empty, they won't feel so far away.

Get ready for silly faces, bad jokes, and maybe a secret handshake...

Hey! I'm Kim!

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Celebrate the beauty of pregnancy and the anticipation of motherhood.


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Capture the essence of your senior year and create lasting memories with senior photos.

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On location or in studio, family portraits are easy and fun, creating lasting memories.

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"You are absolutely amazing and I am so incredibly thankful I got to meet you and spend time with you. You captured my family perfectly!!! Bri looks so happy and that makes my heart soar!  " 
— Ryan

"I am in love. LOVE. We had so much fun! !"

"I finally got a chance to sit down and look at them and I'm dying lol these are so good! So now I'm going to have to buy the whole gallery because I can't just pick a few and need to make a darn book . :-)" 
— Julie

"OH MY GOSH!!! "

How we do it

Hey you! Yes, you with the contagious smile and the adventurous spirit! It's time to unleash your inner superstar and book a photo session that will make memories pop like confetti! Whether you want to capture the goofy antics of your family, the sassy confidence of your personal style, or simply freeze a moment of pure joy, we can make magic happen. Don't let those precious moments fade away like last week's Snapchat story. Let's embark on a photo adventure together. It's time to strike a pose, laugh until your belly hurts, and create wall-worthy photos that will make your heart do a happy dance. So, what are you waiting for? Let's make memories that will have you grinning from ear to ear! Click the button below to learn more about how to begin!

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