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Senior photos are one of the essentials of graduation. It’s a great way to commemorate all the hard work that was put into a highly deserved education. It is also a great way for the seniors to celebrate new chapters of life that are going to take them to places they’ve never been before.  

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” -Dr. Suess 

From a parent’s perspective, senior photos are a precious keepsake that will last a lifetime. When your children show up to picture day in kindergarten all the way to junior year of high school, they are lucky if they receive a choice of a colored cookie cutter backdrop seen in all school photos. Senior year is the time to do a total 360. With a choice of backgrounds, locations, looks, and accessories (Like an instrument, their favorite book, the beloved family dog, or even their precious horse!) your child will shine in ways you have never seen before. With this special chapter in life caught on camera, you will find yourself reminiscing through these photos time and time again while your child is off starting their independent life in the real world. 

From a senior’s perspective, these pictures are a way to celebrate who you are and who you will be. Individualism shines through in each session that creates a beautiful memory for not only the model, but the photographer as well. Many seniors like to take photos that have themes dedicated to their college of choice, or an interest they are pursuing out of school. They are just as proud and excited about their accomplishments as their parents are. And whether they like to admit it or not, seniors love these sessions because they can show off a little bit. Their Instagram feed right after the gallery is received is the only proof needed to back up that statement. 

The photos can also be used in graduation announcements, placed in yearbooks, or simply hung in the house for all guests to admire. While the possibilities for the photos are endless, the time is not. Capture the moments while you still can because your child will grow up in the blink of an eye. And always remember to never take the glorious moments you have together for granted.  

Why Senior Photos Are Important

August 7, 2020

A high school senior girl is lying in the grass on a quilt during sunset with her head on her hand.

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