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90% of parenting is thinking about when you can lie down again.

Sometimes the unscripted moments are the best!

When my children were younger, I felt like we were in the car all the time. And I mean ALL the time. Gymnastics, dance, soccer… you name it we were on the road to it. As they grew older, those recreational experiences turned into competitive opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, these were some of the fondest memories our family has. The girls learned so much about themselves, about commitment, about discipline, and about how to make your goals come true. But we were BUSY. When I look back on how I planned our meals so that they could be eaten in the car, and we bought a car that could support homework on the road, I’m amazed we all made it out alive.

When I reflect on this, I realize how much I appreciated the little things that made my life easier. Anything that “greased the skids” was on my radar. If it was complicated, I walked away. I loved anything simple and direct.

Personalities can shine through when portrait sessions are relaxed and uncomplicated.
Looking back on photos reminds us how little they once were!

Life is slower now that our kids are older, and they can take on a lot of their own scheduling responsibility. And those drivers’s licenses were a blessing. But I still have a great appreciation for making things uncomplicated, and direct. This is why when I started Kim Ayars Photography, I knew that I wanted to make it ridiculously easy to schedule portraits.

I am sure you will agree, portraits are a way for us to remember the way things were. How many times have you flipped through an old photo album, and had your heart swell with nostalgia? How many times have you been trying to put things away, and you find that box of old photos which you just can’t resist flipping through? Do you have a hallway in your home dedicated to school photos or photos of your family’s vacations? They take us back, they pull on our heartstrings, and keep the past alive.

Portrait sessions should be fun!

As Kim Ayars Photography started to take shape, I realized that I wanted to give these memories, the future nostalgia, too busy parents like I was. I wanted to give moms and dads an easy way to schedule their portrait session, an easy way to get prepared for their session, and an easy way to receive your images. No fuss, no muss. And the end result will be beautiful portraits that you will enjoy looking back on year after year.

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May 16, 2020

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