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Sometimes it’s nice to change it up and select a location that you wouldn’t normally think of for portraits. Here in the Fox Valley we have four hidden gems with downtown Aurora, downtown St. Charles, downtown Geneva, and downtown Batavia. Each offers it’s own distinct character, and something different that you may enjoy!

Downtown Aurora

This is by far the most urban of the four, and it does not disappoint for high school seniors looking for a non-traditional setting with an edgy look. This is an easy answer for those wanting a big city feel, but not wanting to travel to Chicago. Aurora is not also easy to walk, but offers many different looks within a small radius. This area has been very popular with high school guys.

A high school senior in a blue shirt leans against a tall building in downtown Aurora.
Downtown Aurora offers a big city feel without driving to Chicago.

Downtown St. Charles

What’s not to love about St. Charles? The riverfront is gorgeous, Hotel Baker makes a stunning appearance on the skyline, and the popular “be you” sculpture make this a fun and eclectic location. Not to mention, there are several ivy-covered alleys that create and simple yet complimentary background for everyone.

A family of four stands in front of the Fox River with Hotel Baker in the background.
Hotel Baker is an iconic part of the St.Charles skyline, and complements the Frank Lloyd-Wright detailing all along the riverfront.

Downtown Geneva

There is a certain old world charm that resonates with Geneva, and because of that it’s become very popular with Geneva High School students. Portraits on the brick steps in front of many store fronts, having coffee inside Grahams 318, the infamous green door, and the mosaic mural are just a few of the many opportunities for you to have photos taken. And let’s not forget the yellow bike! This is always a favorite!

Downtown Geneva offers endless perfect vignettes for high school seniors and families alike!

Downtown Batavia

Believe it or not, I have yet to have the opportunity to shoot portraits here! But I know that any session on the Batavia riverfront would be stunning. The Fox River, a beautiful bridge, meandering paths, the Batavia Dam, and a fun gazebo — what’s not to love? Would you like to be my first portrait session in downtown Batavia? Just ask!

That Urban Vibe

February 4, 2021

A high school senior stand agains a colorful mural in downtown Aurora.

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